Various Door Types for Your Home Decoration Project

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Confused to choose the perfect door for your house to further beautify your home?


We can help you with it. You need to know that good doors have the following criteria. Weather resistant, to get resistance to the weather then it should be made from a good material, and not easily damaged.


Here are the types of doors as home decor:


1. Swing Doors

Door Swing - Various Door Types

The most common type of door that is always used in any building is a swing door or butterfly door, which is an ordinary door that can be opened and closed by being pushed forward or pulled backward by a one-way or two-way rotation.


The advantages of a swing door:

Hinges are easier to install than folding doors and maintenance is easier as there are no rail bearings.


The disadvantage of a swing door:

Take a lot of space to open the door.


2. Sliding Doors

Sliding Door - Various Door Types

The next one is often called the sliding door. To open it, you need to slide the door to the right or left side. This sliding door is usually used in a narrow space because it does not require much space to swing the door like a swing door.


Sliding doors also began to be widely used in wardrobe because it gives the impression of neatness. But the drawback is the installation is more difficult and requires a strong bearing structure to hang, and can be inconvenient when the wheel is out of the safety rail.


3. Folding Doors

Folding Door - Various Door Types

The third type is called folding doors. The way to open it is similar with sliding doors, which is shifted sideways and using rail pads, but the difference is that the door needs to be folded. This type of door is usually used in the family room overlooking the back garden or on the garage door.


The advantage of a folding door:

Can open the doors wider than swing doors and sliding doors.


The disadvantage of a folding door:

Dirt can enter the rail of the door and cause a disturbance to the door mechanism when being opened or closed. You also need a vertical space for the door to be folded.


4. Automatic Revolving Doors

Automatic Revolving Door - Various Door Types

Automatic revolving door is often used in malls, hotels, and office buildings. This door will rotate automatically when there is movement of people who want to enter the room.

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