Asbestos is a form of silica mineral fiber which is categorized in the serpentine and amphibole groups of rock-forming minerals, including:

  • Actinolite
  • Amosite (brown asbestos, cummingtonite, grunerite)
  • Anthophyllite
  • Chrysotile (white asbestos)
  • Crocidolite (blue asbestos)
  • Tremolite
  • Or any mixtures containing at least one of these minerals.


Asbestos Dangers for Health

Asbestos can be obtained using various underground mining methods, but the most common one is through an open-pit mining. Asbestos types are categorised based on their chemical properties and physical properties which also depend on other components of the stone, such as calcium, magnesium or iron.


Chrysotile (white): Asbestos fibres tend to be white in colour and have smooth, smooth textures.

Chrysotile Asbestos

Crocidolite (blue): Asbestos fibres are bright blue, usually shorter, erect and less smooth than chrysotile.

Crocidolite Asbestos

Amosite (brown): fibres tend to be brown with more brittle fibres than either crocidolite or chrysotile.

Amosite Asbestos


Asbestos is still widely being used for house roofing. Many people in the village don’t know the dangers of asbestos which are used as roof/canopy. Asbestos enters the body by inhalation. Long term inhalation of asbestos can pose a deadly health risk.

The impact from inhaling asbestos fibres can not be seen in a short time frame. Sometimes the symptoms will appear within 20-30 years after the exposure to the first asbestos fibres.

Asbestos fibres can cause asbestosis (the occurrence of scar tissue in the lungs), lung cancer and mesothelioma (cancer in the Mesothelium membrane). The risk of this disease will increase due to the large amount inhalation of asbestos fibres.

Also, the risk of lung cancer caused by inhalation of asbestos fibres is greater than cigarette smoke. This is because asbestos consists of small fibres that are easily separated, so if the fibres are airborne and inhaled will be harmful to the body health.

Usually, this asbestos fibre can pose a health risk if it entered into the body through inhalation. Small amounts of asbestos fibres in the air that a person breathes while breathing will not cause any pain. Mostly people only inhales asbestos in very small amounts and cause low risk to the health hazard.

Some studies have shown that asbestos-shaped sheets do not show significant impact on health risks. People who work in mining or industry are at high risk of getting health problems due to asbestos. But that does not mean asbestos house roofing is not dangerous at all.

Different forms of asbestos material create different levels of health risks. If asbestos fibres are in a stable form such as sheets and the condition is still good, then the health risks are small. However, if the sheets have been damaged, hollow or false in the case of their use, then higher risks may occur.

Asbestos building materials are used as cement sheets (fibro), drainage, chimney pipes, house roofing or other building boards. Since the 1960s and 1970s, asbestos fibres are widely used by the public as the roof of the house.

Apparently based on research, this asbestos material is harmful to health because the inhaled dust can not be dissolved. This dust can kill cells in the lungs which may lead to cancer. Because of this reason, the use of asbestos material has been banned in Australia.


Testing for asbestos

Testing for Asbestos

Where goods are sampled and tested for asbestos content, testing certification (also called a laboratory testing report) must be provided to the ABF. Goods being imported can be tested prior to the importation by a laboratory in Australia or overseas.

Importers, who wish to have their goods tested in Australia, prior to importation, must first seek permission from the Minister of Employment to import sample for analysis purposes, through the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency (ASEA). Once the permission has been granted, importers must then organise sampling and testing. The samples must be from the actual shipment to be imported. The testing must be undertaken by an Australian testing laboratory that is accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA).

Details of NATA accredited laboratories in Australia are available at: National Association Testing Authorities, Australia.

Where the testing is carried out overseas, prior to shipping to Australia, certification must be from an overseas testing laboratory accredited by the NATA equivalent testing authority in that overseas economy. The local testing authority must be a signatory to a Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) with NATA.

Importers seeking certification from suitably accredited testing laboratories outside Australia are advised to check the following information prior to engaging a laboratory:

  • is the laboratory accredited by a NATA recognised equivalent through a Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) for the test required?
  • is the laboratory’s Scope of Accreditation still valid and in date at the time of testing?

The certification must be provided to a Collector in writing and must:

  • demonstrate the testing laboratory had a valid scope of accreditation for the testing of asbestos in bulk samples at the time the testing took place
  • demonstrate the samples tested have been drawn from the actual shipment of goods.

Direct supervision and documentation of this process in the supplier country will assist to confirm the source of the samples.
Information on overseas testing can be found at Asbestos Watch Brisbane, Certified and Credible

The latest modern minimalist home decorations – Minimalist House is the right home for couples who are newly married. But, a house must have a unique and interesting decor so that people who live in it will feel comfortable and carefree.

Modern Minimalist Home Decoration

The minimalist home decor is very influential for the beauty of the room both inside and outside your home. Not just a minimalist house that needs decoration, every home would need decorating. Without a decoration, your house will look messy.

Modern Minimalist Home Flow Decoration

This condition can make the guests who visit your home will feel crowded and linger uncomfortably.

Moreover, a decoration can upgrade an old house with many dull walls and cracked here and there. To make a minimalist home decor, you need to be careful of course. The placement of mismatched furniture will disturb your home comfort. The use of excessive interior will also make your home feel crowded in the house.

Modern Minimalist Home Decoration Apartment Contemporary

If you have the same case, the concept of simplicity for a minimalist home decor is the right choice for you. The amount and size of each piece of interior furnishings should be fitted, as they will affect the comfort of your home.

Modern Minimalist Home Decoration

In the process of designing a minimalist home decor, you should not have to choose materials that have many motives. The use of over-patterned material can make your home look full and crowded. Use one-way motives only. You can do it by picking a pattern with the same colour in every room, ranging from walls, ceilings, to the floor.

Modern Minimalist Home Decoration

So that led to the impression of a spacious room and vacant. Laying the interior of the walls is also useful to give a comfortable impression on your home. Choose landscape or green painting. The painting can give a spacious impression, which is an add up to the room comfortability.

Do not forget the lighting in every room of your house.

Modern Minimalist Home Lightning Decoration

Decorating a minimalist home requires great lighting to give a broad impression of your minimalist space. The best light used is the natural light coming from the sun. But at night, use lights that are bright enough to give the impression of staying fresh in your home.

make sure your home is safe from harmful asbestos. do you know the dangers of asbestos, and asbestos materials? you better read this post Asbestos Dangers for Health so that you avoid the danger of asbestos that causes cancer.

Confused to choose the perfect door for your house to further beautify your home?


We can help you with it. You need to know that good doors have the following criteria. Weather resistant, to get resistance to the weather then it should be made from a good material, and not easily damaged.


Here are the types of doors as home decor:


1. Swing Doors

Door Swing - Various Door Types

The most common type of door that is always used in any building is a swing door or butterfly door, which is an ordinary door that can be opened and closed by being pushed forward or pulled backward by a one-way or two-way rotation.


The advantages of a swing door:

Hinges are easier to install than folding doors and maintenance is easier as there are no rail bearings.


The disadvantage of a swing door:

Take a lot of space to open the door.


2. Sliding Doors

Sliding Door - Various Door Types

The next one is often called the sliding door. To open it, you need to slide the door to the right or left side. This sliding door is usually used in a narrow space because it does not require much space to swing the door like a swing door.


Sliding doors also began to be widely used in wardrobe because it gives the impression of neatness. But the drawback is the installation is more difficult and requires a strong bearing structure to hang, and can be inconvenient when the wheel is out of the safety rail.


3. Folding Doors

Folding Door - Various Door Types

The third type is called folding doors. The way to open it is similar with sliding doors, which is shifted sideways and using rail pads, but the difference is that the door needs to be folded. This type of door is usually used in the family room overlooking the back garden or on the garage door.


The advantage of a folding door:

Can open the doors wider than swing doors and sliding doors.


The disadvantage of a folding door:

Dirt can enter the rail of the door and cause a disturbance to the door mechanism when being opened or closed. You also need a vertical space for the door to be folded.


4. Automatic Revolving Doors

Automatic Revolving Door - Various Door Types

Automatic revolving door is often used in malls, hotels, and office buildings. This door will rotate automatically when there is movement of people who want to enter the room.

make sure your home is safe from harmful asbestos. do you know the dangers of asbestos, and asbestos materials? you better read this post Asbestos Dangers for Health so that you avoid the danger of asbestos that causes cancer.